MSc student publications

We see publication as the natural outcome of research by Masters students. We are proud that many student projects are published in leading journals, including Nature and Science. In the list below, the student’s name is highlighted in bold type, and research contributions are numbered; public engagement contributions are not numbered.


187. Ballell, A., Mai, B. and Benton, M.J. 2023. Divergent strategies in cranial biomechanics and feeding ecology of the ankylosaurian dinosaurs. Scientific Reports 13, 18242.

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182. Sethapanichsakul, T., Coram, R.A. and Benton, M.J. 2023. Unique dentition of rhynchosaurs and their two-phase success as herbivores in the Triassic. Palaeontology 3, e12654.


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177. Jamson, K.M., Moon, B.C. and Fraass, A.J. 2022. Diversity dynamics of microfossils from the Cretaceous to the Neogene show mixed responses to events. Palaeontology 65, e12615.

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Cooper, J.A. 2020. Scaling a giant. Geoscientist 30(10), 10-15. Read Jack’s article here.

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