Bob Savage Memorial Fund

Bob Savage (1927-1998)

Professor Robert (‘Bob”) Savage was born in Northern Ireland, educated mainly in Dublin, and he then did his PhD in the 1950s at University College London. He was for most of his professional life a palaeontologist on the staff of the Department of Geology (now School of Earth Sciences) at the University of Bristol, and he keenly fostered the teaching of palaeontology and a joint degree programme between biology and geology, which is now the BSc and MSci in Palaeobiology. Bob took a keen interest in his students and their careers, and he set up a small fund to enable them to fund their field work. After his death in 1998, we enhanced the sums available through generous donations from Bob himself, and through funds raised by regular books sales, and other activities. Read the Wikipedia article about Bob here.


Andre Rowe (PhD): Macroevolution and function in giant theropod dinosaurs; part costs of data collection visit to AMNH, New York


Ben Griffin (PhD): Biomechanics of pterosaur take-off; Museum visits to Munich and Karlsruhe
Nikola Ivanovski (MSci): Sexual dimorphism in the dodo; museum visits to London and Cambridge
Nuria Melisa Morales García (PhD): Scanning Middle Jurassic mammal at the Swiss Light Source, Zürich
Tom Smith (PhD): Systematic revision of the crocodilian Pholidophorus; visit to Humboldt Museum, Berlin
Steven Zhang (PhD): A phylogenetic reappraisal of the Elephantidae; assistance with collaborator visit


Simone Conti (MSc): Hadrosaur dinosaur excavation in southern Spain
Yasmeen Erritouni (visiting student): Colour in Cretaceous lobsters; field work on Isle of Wight
Joe Flannery (MSci): Construction of a rig for reflectance transformation imaging (RTI) of problematic fossils
Jorge Herrera Flores (PhD): Study of a rare pathology in an early Mesozoic lepidosaur; visit to NHM
Jorge Herrera Flores (PhD): The early origin of opisthodontians and the historical biogeography of the Rhynchocephalia; part-cost of visit to Smithsonian Institution, Washington.
Richard Kelly (PhD): Cretaceous insects from Xingjiang, China, fieldwork, part costs.
Hanwen Zhang (PhD): Exploring elephantid dietary evolution using quantitative 3D textural analysis of tooth microwear; laboratory work in Leicester


Limited data available


David Carpenter (MSc): Carboniferous fish microvertebrate remains from Ireland, museum visits
Isobel Gilbert (MSc): research costs
Emily Woodruff (MSc): disparity and macroevolution of primates, museum visits


Marco Brandalise De Andrade (PhD): Jurassic Goniopholis from Dorset, museum visits
Graeme Lloyd (MSc): macroevolution of Triassic vertebrates, museum visits
Felix Marx (MSci): fossil whale macroevolution, museum visits
Javier Ortega (MSc): Cambrian arthropods, museum visits
Kelly Richards (MSc): costs of research project Ben Slater (MSc): a fossil marine turtle from the Late Jurassic of Jaèn, Spain, field work


Marco Brandalise De Andrade (PhD): Jurassic Goniopholis from Dorset, museum visits
Steve Brusatte (MSc): the theropod Neovenator form the Isle of Wight, museum visits
Matthew Pound (MSc): predator-prey interactions in the Late Triassic of the Bristol fissures, field work
James Tarver (MSc): collector curves for trilobites, museum visits


Steve Brusatte (MSc): evolution of Triassic archosaurs, museum visits
Aude Caromel (PhD): ontogeny and growth of foraminifera, field work
Pam Gill (PhD): phylogeny of early mammals, field work
Sandra Jasinoski (PhD): Permo-Triassic synapsids and bone histology, museum visits
Abby Othman (MSc): project expenses
Sarda Sahney: macroevolution of early tetrapods, museum visits
Laura Säilä (PhD): procolophonids from Russia, museum visit to Moscow


Phil Hadland (MSci): project costs
Luke Mander (MSc): fieldwork across the Triassic-Jurassic boundary, Somerset
Jeremy Martin (PhD): crocodilian descriptions, fieldwork in France
Andrew Przewieslik (MSci): pterosaur trackways from northern Spain, field work
Barbara Sanchez-Hernandez (PhD): Early Creatceous microvertebrate faunas of Burgos, northern Spain, field work


Ian Corfe (PhD): sauropod phylogeny, museum visits to Germany
Jeremy Martin (MSc): crocodilian descriptions, fieldwork in France
Laura Säilä (MSc): sphenodontians from South Wales, museum visits
Matt Vrazo (MSci): trace fossils from the Carboniferous Mauch Chunk Formation of Virginia, field work


Nicole Davies (PhD): posture and locomotion of sauropodomorph dinosaurs; visits to museums in Germany and Switzerland
Charles Drew (MSc): taphonomy of Carboniferous amphibians from Ireland; visit to Dublin
David Hone (PhD): phylogeny of pterosaurs, visit to Humboldt Museum, Berlin
Dan Oakley (MSc): late Miocene peat mires of Vegora, visit to northern Greece


Ian Corfe (PhD): re-evaluation of worldwide Oligokyphus species; museum visits to Germany
David Hone (PhD): prolkacertiform diapsids of north Italy; museum visits
Eduardo Llinas-Agrasar (PhD): North African Cenozoic crocodilians; museum visit to Munich
Matthew Riley (MSc): mid-Cretaceous microvertebrates of north-eastern Spain, field work
Kate Yarrington (MSc): sexual dimorphism in anthracomartid arachnids; field work


Pam Gill (PhD): diet and the chemistry of early mammal teeth
Neil Gupta (PhD): chemistry of fossil preservation, Ardèche, France
Deborah Hutchinson (MSc): ichthyosaur body-size change through time
Nathan Price-Lloyd (MSc): the Lilliput effect after the end-Permian mass extinction, Italy
Jane Worrall (MSc): invertebrate trace fossils from the Middle Jurassic of Yorkshire


Simon Braddy (tutor): contribution to costs of research trip to Australia
Stefan Gabriel (MSc): visit to Berlin to study forelimbs of sauropod dinosaurs
Abby Lane (MSc): contribution to research trip to Denmark
Eduardo Llinas-Agrasar (PhD): the Cenozoic crocodilians of North Africa; museum work in Paris
Lance Morrissey (MSc): fieldwork to study giant burrows in the Old Red Sandstone of Wales and Ireland
Rebecca Smith (MSc): visit to Yorkshire Museum to study Jurassic fossil crocodiles


Emanuel Fara (PhD): Lower Jurassic crocodilian Pelagosaurus; museum visits
Pam Gill (PhD): the early mammal Kuehneotherium, site visits
Aaron Hunter (MSc): mantis shrimps from the Eocene of Monte Bolca; museum visits
Polly Snowden (MSc): new Carboniferous cumaceans (marine Crustacea); visit to Amsterdam


Gareth Dyke (PhD): palaeoornithology, conference visit to China
Max Langer (PhD): visit to Germany to study early dinosaurs
Davide Pisani (PhD): visit to London to work on theoretical aspects of phylogenies