Research projects under offer, or underway, by the current cohort of MSc students are listed in outline below:

Project 1: Ecomorphology, convergence and disparity in aquatic tetrapods
Project 2: Ontogenetic brain development in birds and crocodilians with applications to non-avian dinosaurs
Project 3: External anatomy of Megalodon
Project 4: Morphological diversity of Strawberry Bank crocodiles
Project 5: The Triassic fauna of the Ruthin fissure
Project 6: The Eocene-Oligocene Transition and American Larger Benthic foraminifera
Project 7: Morphological variation in reticulate Nummulites across the Eocene- Oligocene Transition
Project 8: Impact of oil spills on benthic foraminiferal growth and development
Project 9: The preservation potential of cell organelles and the implications for the early eukaryote fossil record
Project 10: The affinities of an exceptionally preserved larva from the early Cambrian
Project 11: Biomechanics of the earliest vertebrate skeleton
Project 12: Experimental taphonomy of bivalved crustaceans
Project 13: Anatomy, affinity, and evolutionary significance of the earliest land plants
Project 14: Evolution and development of early vertebrate skeletons
Project 15: Do crown-group ctenophores exist in the fossil record?
Project 16: Does the way we code the data affect the estimates of divergence times?
Project 17: Testing the phylogenetic placement and morphological evolution of fossil cnidarians and comb jellies
Project 18: Merging morphology and molecules to reconstruct the starfish tree of life
Project 19: The biomechanics of kangaroo feet – big and small
Project 20: Digital reconstruction of form and function in the skeleton of the “archosaur exemplar” Euparkeria
Project 21: How does jaw shape relate to jaw function in small mammal jaws?
Project 22: Determinate growth and tooth replacement in the basal mammaliaform Morganucodon
Projects 23 and 24: How does the size of foraminifera respond to Milankovitch Cycles?
Project 25: Morphological variation in response to changing ecology
Project 26: Biotic response to a breathless ocean
Project 27: Southern Ocean diatoms and climate change: quantifying the relative roles of diversity and plasticity in evolution
Project 28: Feather taphonomy in terrestrial/fluvial settings
Project 29: On the nature of rosettes in hadrosaur skin: sensory bristles or glands?
Project 30: Pathways to exceptional fossil preservation – the role of polymerization
Project 31: Vulcanisation – does sulphur make more than just rubber?

Additional specialist projects:

Project 32: The impact of environmental stress on isotopic fractionation by marine diatoms
Project 33: Changing Arctic Ocean microfossils: Radiocarbon ages of sedimentary carbonate from the Barents Sea
Project 34: The evolution of eye regulatory control