Below are some examples of recent MSc research theses:

Morphological Disparity of Pinniped & Sirenian Jaws

Climate change impacts on planktic foraminiferal carbonate production – PETM resilience and future vulnerability

Evolution of conspicuous colouration in terrestrial nonvolant mammals

Digging for clues: does locomotory mode effect diversification rate in mammals?

Reinterpreting developmental patterns in early Ediacaran Megaclonophycus microfossils from the Doushantuo Formation, South China

A new ?Nektaspidida artiopod from the Sirius Passet Lagerstätte, Northern Greenland (Cambrian, Series 2), and its implications for the phylogeny of Artiopoda

Larger benthic foraminifera and reef ecosystem response to the Eocene-Oligocene transition in Florida

The evolution of jaw disparity in Chiroptera

Aposematism and conspicuous colouration in mammals

The functional adaptation of the turtle jaw

Diversity dynamics of microfossils across the Cretaceous-Paleogene and Eocene-Oligocene transitions

Analysing zonation in the early Cambrian using Small Shelly Fossils

Locomotor divergence in Macropodoidea: Protemnodon was not a giant hopping kangaroo

Hydrodynamic factors are a strong constraint on ichthyopterygian and sauropterygian jaw morphology

Locomotion in extinct megafaunal kangaroos with no modern analogue

Eolarva kuanchuanpuensis is not the earliest metazoan larva

Locomotion and the implications for evolution in Synapsids

Locomotion and the early Mesozoic success of Archosauromorpha

Reconstructing the palaeocolour of two Cretaceous birds

Astronomically paced size change in planktic foraminifera during the Middle Miocene.

The Lissamphibian mandible as a model element to test the functional constraints upon form.

Constraints on mandibular morphology in the Paravian-bird lineage